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Executive Chef Colin Eady

Meet U.S. Army Veteran, Chef Eady. With over 20 years culinary experience, Colin has the eye and skill set to create impeccable dishes, desserts and seasonings guaranteed to help you create the perfect meal for any occassion.

Our Beliefs

The right herbs and spices can take a mediocre meal to a great meal….

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Original Recipes

Custom ingredients, personal recipes and exquisite taste for meals of any occasion.



Quality Foods

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Our Specialty Seasonings

Our seasonings are that added touch that takes your meal from good to great. Whether you’re cooking shrimp and grits or your favorite seafood dish, we have the right  seasoning for you. Order today.



Your fried chicken will never be the same. This classic seasoning will amp up the flavor guaranteeing you’ll enjoy fried chicken at its best.



A quick, easy and delicious seasoning blend that adds so much flavor in a snap. Goes great on everything. Order a set for yourself today. Ask about our mix and match bundles or one-in-all packages.



Guaranteed Delicious Tender Turkey Wings Seasoned & Baked To Perfection every time. Add a dash of this amazing seasoning to your turkey or turkey wings and we guarantee you that you will not disappointed.



Purchase a bottle of our Garlic Herb Seasoning mix for a wonderful, zesty blend to use on chicken, pork, vegetables and fish. This goes great with meat, seafood, vegetables, pasta, rice, and more!

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Chef C. Eady has a specialty seasoning for meals of every occasion. Seafood, soul food, and southern favorites, there’s guranteed a seasoning to give your meal that added touch.  Shop the C. Eady Seasoning Line today. 

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